Q: What are the benefits of using a culinary design studio?

A: As the front-of-house becomes more fused with the back-of-house, coordination between the interior architecture and functional food services has become more critical, and complicated. At Davella Studios, our unique approach allows for the evolution of the design in a singular forum—eliminating gaps or overlaps, accelerating the process and resulting in a seamless design vocabulary.


Q: How would you work with me?

A: We listen to your needs, then present new ideas, new approaches and the latest in operating techniques and industry technology to fulfill them. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the very best possible operation, consistent with your needs and budget.


Q: How do you work with the rest of my design team (architect, interior designer, engineers)?

A: We work with all members of the project team and other support groups to provide trusted advisement. In essence, we are advocates for you—helping you address the unique demands presented by the hospitality industry. When we have been a part of a project team, we feel that we have measurably contributed to the ultimate success of the facility and to both the enjoyment of its guests and the productivity of its staff.


Q: Can you explain how Davella Studios creates value?

A: Your project takes less time to design, has less opportunity for coordination breakdown and results in a consistent vision—all guaranteed to minimize project costs. Foremost to this collaboration and commitment to design excellence is our desire to listen, be responsive to your needs, exceed your expectations and implement solutions that maximize your return on investment.


Q: Do your services overlap with architectural and interiors?

A: We are not architects or interior designers and we do not compete with these members of the design team. We focus on providing our clients and project teams with the best culinary design consulting services possible.


Q: Do you sell food service equipment?

A: No, we are independent consultants and do not sell equipment. We provide you with completely unbiased advice.


Q: How is Davella Studios different from other consulting firms?

A: We differ from many consulting practices in the composition of key staff and the manner in which we have chosen to specialize—we are restaurant professionals. One of the advantages of our specialized industry focus is that our clients do not have to pay for a learning curve on the fundamentals and details of the restaurant business.


Q: How do you recommend/select equipment for each project?

A: Our recommendations and designs are based on our vast experience and your specific needs. We offer checks and balances with respect to equipment selection, placement, purchase and installation.


Q: How do you mitigate risk?

A: Coordination is paramount with our documentation to minimize field issues and associated expense.


Q: What role does a culinary design consultant play—and what role do I play?

A: We understand the needs of the design team and we understand your needs as a restaurant operator. Our responsibility is to help bridge the gap that sometimes exists between architecture and operations. Most of our projects have an operator involved in some capacity in the design process. We believe you have a role in this process and that your input is extremely valuable. We also believe that our role is to help the design team fully understand the implications of your input and that you fully understand the implications of design decisions. We help both sides meet their goals within the framework of the overall needs of the project.


Q: In what areas can culinary design services contribute to a sustainable design?

A: We believe commercial restaurants can be energy and water efficient, with manageable lifecycle costs and improved conditions for its occupants, all while staying within a construction budget. We select Energy Star® rated equipment, water-saving equipment, energy efficient lighting, on-demand ventilation and heat reclamation.